Soil Amendments

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At Gippsland Soil Solutions we are committed to offering solutions that are specifically tailored to your project needs. With a focus on sustainable and long-term outcomes, we provide reliable and effective soil additive solutions for the mining, construction, agricultural and civil industries.

Our scientifically proven soil additives deliver successful, environmentally friendly outcomes. Our range of specially designed products aim to assist in increasing your businesses productivity, safety and sustainability.

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Our Composted Soil Conditioner is delivered in bulk loads ideally directly to the area(s) of application. For large scale projects and bulk orders we also offer supply and spreading services utilising our modern, specialised equipment. Please call us to discuss your requirements.

What Our Clients Think

"The guys at Gippsland Soil Solutions performed a great job producing Topsoil on site, on time, and on budget."

Barry Dungey, Energy Brix Site Rehabilitation General Manager

"We've used Gippsland Soil Solutions to spread Composted Soil Conditioner over 7 - 8years now [...]. Soil pH values have improved up to 1 full pH unit and we haven't had to buy any lime."

Soren Christensen, Dairy Farmer

"We've noticed how the pasture is significantly better yielding for both silage and hay."

Wayde Hodgson, Hodgson Ag Contracting (Flynn)