Your Specialist for Environmental Solutions and Premium Topsoil supplies.

Are you looking to create or renovate your garden and veggie patch? Restore life back into your soil for optimal plant growth with Gippsland Soil Solutions

Quality Topsoil

A rich, organic topsoil of good structural integrity comprising of recycled and composted components made to AS4419-2003 standards.

  • Consistent quality every time
  • Elevated macro- and micronutrient retention
  • Excellent plant growing properties
  • Contains composted organic matter
  • Clean and very unlikely to have weed seeds present
  • Value for money

Soil Amendments

An enriching blend providing valuable organic matter, designed to rejuvenate depleted soils.

  • Improve soil structure
  • Increase soil pH
  • Increase nutrient and water holding ability
  • Clean and unlikely to have weed seeds present

About Us

Gippsland Soil Solutions are an innovative environmental specialist, providing products and services that assist with the restoration of soils and landscapes. We lead the way in production and wholesale supply of Premium Topsoil to Garden Supply Centres throughout Gippsland and South East Melbourne.

Our services are focused on sustainable and long-term outcomes, providing reliable and effective rehabilitation, revegetation, soil rejuvenation and dust suppression solutions for the mining, construction, agricultural and civil industries.

How We Can Help

We provide rehabilitation solutions for the mining, construction, agricultural and civil industries.

Our wide range of specially designed products, equipment and services aim to assist in increasing your businesses productivity, safety and add value.

Through the employment of independent testing services of soil, water and plant tissue, we can develop and implement a plan to help rehabilitate areas to meet site specific specifications. We also have a ‘can do’ attitude and have the skills, equipment and resources to help develop solutions with you for your project.